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Scepter's solid entrenchment in the civilian market with commercial products is complemented with its highly focused aim of servicing military needs.

For over thirty years Scepter has recognized and stood up to the needs and requirements of soldiers for high performance products for transportation and storage of ammunition, fuel and water.

The company is engaged on several fronts in respect to supply chain logistics.

The plastic Military Fuel Container (MFC) made by Scepter is the 'final' fuel supply link in the field.

They are made to military specifications and subjected to UN transport code classification tests. These canisters have proven themselves for their ruggedness and durability with options for fitting with various accessories.

The plastic construction prevents fatal explosion risk when the canisters are hit with shrapnel or projectiles; in fires they may eventually burn with the fuel, but no instantaneous explosions caused by pressure build-up as is the case with metal fuel cans.

Like fuel, a potable water supply to the soldier in the field is an essential link in the supply chain.

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