DD Hammocks

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DD Camping Hammock
Our easy-to-use original hammock The DD Camping Hammock is our original hammock – first released in..
Ex Tax: R627.00
DD Frontline Hammock
Bug-proof and breathable Our popular DD Frontline Hammock is a versatile and tough double-layered d..
Ex Tax: R1,228.91
DD Hammock Sleeve
To ease setup and protect your DD Hammock A handy accessory for any hammock camper, the DD Hammock ..
Ex Tax: R181.72
DD Travel Hammock / Bivi
Convertible with a waterproof base The double-layered DD Travel Hammock/Bivi has a built on mosquit..
Ex Tax: R1,228.91
DD Whoopie Slings
Light, knot-free alternative to hammock webbing A pair of our ready-made Whoopie Slings provide the..
Ex Tax: R313.49
DD Soft Shackle Karabiner x 2
Lightweight alternative to metal karabiners At barely 5g each (or 10g for the XL size), these super..
Ex Tax: R175.55
DD SuperLight Hammock
The lightest hammock in the world! Pocket-sized and weighing in at a remarkable 270g, the DD SuperL..
Ex Tax: R1,304.16
DD SuperLight Mosquito Net
Lightweight hammock bug net. A compact, lightweight bug net solution for your open hammock. Easy to..
Ex Tax: R752.40
DD SuperLight Tarp
Compact hammock shelter Weighing in at under half a kilogram and with perfect coverage for our regu..
Ex Tax: R1,554.95
DD Tarp 3x3 - MC
Blend in with this camping shelter! Recommended for hammock campers of all experience levels, the DD..
Ex Tax: R1,177.93
DD Tarp S
Small day shelter. A handy solution for wet weather out on the trail, the DD Tarp S is unobtrusive a..
Ex Tax: R777.48
DD Tarp XL
Ideal for small groups or single hammocks At a generous 4.5m x 3m, the DD Tarp XL provides ample st..
Ex Tax: R1,177.93
DD Tarp XL - MC
At a generous 4.5m x 3m, the DD Tarp XL provides ample storm shelter for small groups and solo campe..
Ex Tax: R1,413.50
DD Tree Huggers
Tree-friendly straps for use with Whoopie Slings Designed to grip – but not damage - the tree, our ..
Ex Tax: R188.10
DD Underblanket
Suitable for use in temperatures down to -5C, the DD Underblanket works to prevent heat loss from be..
Ex Tax: R1,227.19