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DD Camping Hammock

DD Camping Hammock
DD Camping Hammock DD Camping Hammock DD Camping Hammock DD Camping Hammock DD Camping Hammock DD Camping Hammock DD Camping Hammock DD Camping Hammock DD Camping Hammock
Brand: DD Hammocks
Product Code: DD-CH
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Price: R721.05
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Our easy-to-use original hammock

The DD Camping Hammock is our original hammock – first released in 2005, and still enjoyed the world over by beginners and seasoned hammock campers alike!

Simple yet effective

Durable and lightweight, the Camping Hammock suits a range of uses from leisure to wild camping. It also benefits from two zip-open layers – for you to put either a thermarest between, or yourself!

Whether you're planning to lounge under the sun in your garden or spend a night amongst the trees in the wild, you can rely on the Camping Hammock for optimum comfort and durability. You have the option to use it alone or add rain protection with one of our tarps.

This hammock is not waterproof.


2.7m x 1.4m (comfortable for people up to 6ft 5in and 125kg)


Olive green


650g (hammock only)


Camping Hammock, Webbing (10m), stuff sack

  • Breathable, zippered double-layer design – lie between the layers to cocoon yourself, or insert a partially-inflated thermarest or camping mat between the layers in cooler weather
  • Two double-sided zippers on the same zipline, for easy open and close
  • Pre-fitted with 10m of strong suspension webbing (5m each end)
  • Stuff sack

Recommended accessories:

  • DD Tarp 3x3

DD hammock safety

  • Remove any sharp objects from your person before entering the hammock
  • Please follow the maximum recommended weight limit
  • Check all suspension cordage is in good condition before hanging, and ensure any knots are secure before entering the hammock
  • Do not set up the hammock too low to the ground, and check beneath it for any sharp objects that could come in contact with the material/suspension
  • DD hammocks are not suitable for children under 3

General care

  • To preserve the strength of the material, avoid folding along the same lines too frequently (change after 10 times)
  • Store in a cool, dry, dark place
  • Always ensure your gear (including any cordage) is completely dry before storing away
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures (above 40C and below -15C), and keep your gear at least a 2m distance from flames
  • Do not machine wash. Clean carefully by hand only, using lukewarm water
  • Prolonged exposure to strong UV light can cause material to weaken (UV degradation is excluded from warranty)