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DD Soft Shackle Karabiner x 2

DD Soft Shackle Karabiner x 2
DD Soft Shackle Karabiner x 2 DD Soft Shackle Karabiner x 2 DD Soft Shackle Karabiner x 2
Brand: DD Hammocks
Product Code: DD Soft Shackle Karabiner x 2
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Price: R201.88
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Lightweight alternative to metal karabiners

At barely 5g each (or 10g for the XL size), these super-strong shackles are made from 2.5mm Amsteel cord, making them the lightest and most flexible option for your hammock suspension system.

Suitable to support weight up to 125kg, these are a great addition to your Whoopie Suspension System and will save you every last gram in your pack!

These soft shackle karabiners can also be used as connectors or fasteners in a variety of other camping purposes.


Regular or XL




4g each (regular); 10g each (XL)


2 x Soft Shackle Karabiners

Regular Size:

  • 9cm long (closed)
  • 26cm long (open)

XL Size:

  • 15cm long (closed)
  • 35cm long (open)

Recommended accessories:

  • DD Whoopie slings

Suspension gear

  • Please use only with DD products, and do not exceed the 125kg weight limit.

General care

  • Store in a cool, dry, dark place
  • Always ensure your gear (including any cordage) is completely dry before storing away
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures (above 40C and below -15C), and keep your gear at least a 2m distance from flames
  • Do not machine wash. Clean carefully by hand only, using lukewarm water
  • Prolonged exposure to strong UV light can cause material to weaken (UV degradation is excluded from warranty)