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Your AFRICAN OVERLAND adventure starts here!

What is an African Overland 4WD Tour?

Overlanding is an extended adventure holiday or LONG journey either in a group (commercial) or independently in your own 4WD vehicle or rented 4x4.


What to expect - Overview

Discover Africa the original way in a 4x4 overland vehicle and experience spectacular sceneray, amazing wildlife and divergent cultures. You will be able to visit the oldest desert in the world, raft down the mighty Zambezi or even climb the highest mountain in Africa.

Your 4WD vehicle will become your new home and you will be completely self sufficient during your journey. It will be your tool to ADVENTURE, giving you the opertunaty to visit any place or attraction not possible with a normal sedan vehicle and what better way to soak up the rhythm & soul of vibrant African towns & markets when you occasionally top up with supplies.

We believe true adventure comes with a sense of FREEDOM. A Freedom to explore without fixed itineraries.



A good overland trip can't start (especially when you are driving a self sufficient tour) without doing a bit of homework:  prepare paperwork for border crossings, do's and don'ts ,border crossing etiquette (get's you through in half the time), what do you want to see? What are the conditions along the route?  What do I need to take along (don't bring the kitchen sink) But remember: doing your homework already in advance is half the fun. You trip has already started then!!! We can provide you with experience, literature, maps (gps) and locations. 


Driving & Accommodation 

With some basic 4x4 off-road driving skills you will be able to negotiate any road on jour journey and reach your destination safely.










Fully equipped vehicles fitted with 1 or 2 rooftop tents and camping gear are available for the truly adventures.

Standard 4wd vehicles are also available for those who prefer more luxury lodge type accommodation. Accommodaton can range from bush camps to 5 star lodges. 

Depending on your destination, road conditions range from exceptional to roads strewn with pot holes (slag gate). Then there is the good stuff that range from good gravel to thick sand to desert dune driving with the occasional rocky and muddy sections in between.

With our FREEDOM Itinerary option OS clients are able to make use of our Overland Solutions Accommodation Voucher Program. Clients will receive a list of all our accommodation partners and depending on availability you are able to book accommodation on route or on arrival. OS cleints will need to present their valid travel voucher and receive discounted rates generaly rack rates less 5%.  

Food & Supplies

South Africa is a good base to start your OVERLAND holiday with major retail chain stores in most towns. Although any gear or food supplies you might need are available in SA, it's not necessary to carry all your supplies with you when you start your journey. It is part of the African OVERLANDING experience to top up your supplies on route or when you reach your next destination. This way you can experience the flavor & vibe of each new town or village you visit. 
Crossing Borders & Veterinary Check Points 

We are still to find a friendly official and if you do please let us know! Other than the lack of friendliness not much to worry about as long as you make sure your travel documents, vehicle and cross border documentation are in order. When you reach the border post (exit country) your whole group must exit the vehicle and you can head straight to customs and the immigration to complete the necessary forms. Then repeat the process at the next border post (enter country).







Be prepared for vehicle spot checks by officials. You may occasionally come across boom gates in the middle of nowhere. Don't stress these are veterinary checkpoints (especially in Botswana) controlling the spread of foot & mouth disease checking for the transportation of some vegetables, raw meats and animals. They are especially strict when travelling north to south and WILL inspect your vehicle and confiscate any meat you may have. Please plan accordingly.

Breakdowns or Accidents

During breakdowns help is never far away in Africa.