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Credit & Debit Cards

Most people choose to travel with a Credit or Debit card but this should not be relied upon.

VISA is the most widely accepted card and is recommended. Maestro, Cirrus, Mastercard and American Express are also commonly accepted. Some providers charge high fees for using credit and debit cards.

It is now possible to obtain Forex Cash Cards from Travelex as an alternative to your usual Debit or Credit Card.


Please note that all ATM's will ONLY dispense cash in local currency. You will only be able to draw US$ cash from ATM's in Zimbabwe.

Bring some US Dollar cash in small denominations. On an African travel experience, nearly all optional highlights /activities can be paid in USD and all visa's brought at border crossings require it. It is a time saving and stress relieving exercise to have the correct amount needed at the time as often change is not available. You should always have a little bit of local money on hand to buy snacks, drinks and the odd souvenir when needed.

You will find that you could get a bad exchange rate if you organize African currency in your home country so change a little bit at the Airport on arrival to see you through the first day at least. You can often get a better exchange rate in town or border post Bureau de change.