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Visa and Entry Guidelines

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information pertaining to    visas is up to date, it is still your responsibility to check on visa requirements based  on the nationality of your passport. Visa requirements can change with little or no notice.

Please contact us or follow the country links below if you require further information.


Citizens of most European and Common-wealth countries do not require a visa for entry into Botswana.
Visitors should check with Botswana embassies or consulates, or contact us, before departure. When applying for a visa, the ORIGINAL passport has to be submitted.

For countries with whom Botswana has no diplomatic representation, visa information and processing is available through British Embassies and High Commissions.

Botswana Consulate: South Africa: Tel +27 11 4033748/9 Fax +27 11 4031384


Citizens of European and Common-wealth countries DO require a visa for entry into Kenya. Click Here for more information and Embassy locations.

Kenyan High Commission: South Africa:Tel +27 12 3622249/50/51 Fax +27 12 3622252

In addition to the visa requirements, Yellow Fever certificates are requiredTravellers are also advised to be immunized against cholera although it is not a requirement.

Travellers are advised to take Anti-Malaria pills 2 weeks before entering Kenya and to continue with the dosage while in the country and 2 weeks after departure.


Visitors must have valid passports. Visas are required except by citizens of countries which have visa abolition agreements with Lesotho and citizens of some Commonwealth countries. Please contact your nearest Lesotho Embassy.

The following countries do not require a visa:
Austria; Belgium; France; Germany; Hong Kong; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Netherlands; New Zealand; Portugal; San Marino; South Korea; Spain; Switzerland and USA

Lesotho High Commission: South Africa: Tel +27 12 467648 Fax +27 12 467649


There are no inoculation requirements for entry into Malawi, but visas are required by all entering the country except nationals of Belgium, the Commonwealth, Denmark, Italy, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Spain, San Marino, Sweden, Liechtenstein and the USA. Visas can be obtained at the border provided prior arrangements are made. Please apply for these visas well in advance.

Malawi Consulate General: South Africa: Fax: +27 11 807 7790Immigration Officer at the Malawi Consulate-General in Sandton: Cell: 082 908 7159


South Africa, Swaziland, Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe in the base of agreements are exempt of visas. All other nationalities DO require a visa. 

Click Here for more information and Embassy locations.

Mozambique Consulate General:  South Africa: Tel +27 11 3361819/1810, Fax +27 11 3369921
Mozambique Consulate: South Africa: Tel + 27 21 4262944/5 Fax + 27 21 4262946


Certain nationalities require visas for Namibia. Passports must be valid at least 6 months after date of entry.

Namibia Tourism Board: South Africa: Tel +27 12 4193190/1 Fax +27 12 4215840


Certain nationalities require visas. Click here for more information and countries that DO require a visa.

Swaziland Consulate: South Africa: Tel +27 11 4032050/36 Fax +27 11 4037473


Most nationalities require visas for Tanzania these need to be applied for in advance. For those returning to Tanzania, border officials often allow re-entry with the single entry visa used on the northbound trip as long as they are told about this on the first entry to Tanzania.

This may change at any time though and an additional visa may be required.

High Commission of Tanzania: South Africa: Tel +27 12 3424393/71 Fax +27 12 43438


All foreign passport holders with the exception of most citizens of Commonwealth member countries, have to obtain a visa for Zambia. Contact us or Click Here for more information. Contact details for the Zambian High Commission, in South Africa: Fax +27 12 3261847


Certain nationalities require visas for Zimbabwe. These must be applied for in advance although they are starting to issue visas at the border. Check with the embassy when enquiring. These visas take approximately 7-14 working days to process.

Zimbabwe Consulate: South Africa: Tel +27 11 8382156/9 Fax +27 11 8385620